We are halfway trough 2016 and not only does the summer begin to fade but it also means that for a selected group of people something more important unfolds. What can that be?  Well its none other than soccer season or football like us true fans call it, meaning the most important leagues in the world give fans something to look ahead to in the months prior to it. There is of course a tournament that may be more important than the World Cup, the tournament were only the best clubs in europe compete head to head none other than the famous Champions League.

Why did i mention Barcelona?  Well its no coincidence than in recent years Barcelona has dominated european football with their quick passing game once called “Tiki-Taka”.  It was today specially that they amazed me more than ever, they were playing Celtic FC in their first game of the Champions league season and Barcelona was coming from a heavy defeat over the weekend and everyone was wondering if they would be able to bounce back from it. Champions league football is made for situations like these and sure enough Barcelona gave a poetic performance against Celtic, scoring  seven goals hardly breaking a sweat and having fun as they constructed every goal just  gives you a sense of joy watching them. I was looking at every goal as if i was watching them play for the first time, jumping with joy standing up and clapping with every perfect pass they made.

Messi and company have a lot to do with how much people enjoy their games to be honest and you cant deny it because they score the most impossible goals with an amazing simplicity its hard to believe they actually practice those plays every week. If you have a chance check them out since the 2004 season and you might understand why im overhyped about Barcelona and dont forget to see their games every weekend, trust me you will be amazed. When it comes to me its time for me to call it a night after writing my first blog, im really sorry if i missed key points but i felt like writing what i saw today, once again thank you for your attention see you soon!.

Ps : Ronaldinho started it all 🙂



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