The Brazilian downfall

This blog entry is open to opinions because for many the mighty Brazil of the soccer world is stronger and feared now more than ever. In my opinion this is not the reality if you really look into what has happened to Brazil in the last 12 years. The emergence of great young talents  every year  might really cover up the fact that Brazil has lost its power and that not every young player with dribbling skills is set to be the next super star. What happened to the Brazil I loved and feared?  and why did i saw this coming?.

I remember having a glimpse of Brazil at a very young age, if im not wrong it was during France 98 and it was either the final vs France or some other game but i couldn’t elaborate since Ronaldo and his step overs turned my life around. The moment i saw their true potential was during the qualifiers for the Korea Japan world cup, having names like Ronaldo and Rivaldo meant trouble those days but believe it or not they barely qualified. I think that was the first sign of trouble because  being the manager for such a team it must have been frustrating knowing that you can’t make the players connect and worst of all control their ego’s. This was a problem that will continue to appear in the future but during those days it was something people didnt care about. That wonderful Brazil team arrived in Japan with names like Cafu,Kaka, Edmilson, Roberto Carlos, Ronaldinho, Rivaldo and Ronaldo ready to take the trophy and to be honest they didint disappoint. They made it to the final were they would face Germany along with an unbeaten Oliver Khan, but two goals from “El  fenomeno” win the title for Brazil. I must say the future looked bright ahead but sadly after  winning that world cup it all fell apart.

The success of that 2002 soccer team meant that Brazil was set to win another title in 2006 or at least is was something that I saw, sadly that would not happen and so the downfall began. The factor for such an event was once again a matter of ego but this time it also added personal interests. The lack of leadership in a team that had a Ronaldo as the worlds best stricker and a Ronaldinho as the best player in the world thanks to the massive fame obtained with  Barcelona among young players like Cicinho and Robinho made it imposible for the team to succeed, something that Zidane took advantage of and practically on his owm eliminated them in the semifinals. The aftermath was chaos and obviously changes were called, after all you did get humiliated by one guy nearing his 40s . The playing style changed and another 4 years had passed. The dribilling or jogo bonito had dissapeared and  no brilliant players had emerged so they still relied on Kaka and Robinho for talent, lets consider this the second warning. Brazil lost their attacking power and other national teams didint need to have individual talents in order to beat them. The situation was bad even in my perpective, with no talent, team spirit or a coach to guide them  Brazil was lost until of course a teenager  by the name of Neymar brought back hope.

I cant deny it Neymar has brilliant talent and gave everyone Ronaldinho flashbacks, but in my opinion he has failed to deliver for Brazil. The team has in fact still struggled, so much that they made Neymar captain too young if you ask me. The Brazil of the last 5 years is based on him alone meaning that if he has a bad game Brazil has a bad game but maybe that explains the dissapointment in the London olimpics and Copa America. The downfall was confirmed  in the most humiliating of ways and by an old rival. The 7-1 defeat that Brazil suffererd in the hands of Germany confirmed my expectations and honestly brought them back to reality and to accept the fact they were no longer the sport super power. What amazes me from all of this is that despite the loss they continue to back neymar as their captain and main man.

I understand the fact that nothing  lasts forever because thats how life is, but what i dont understand is why Brazil didint plan ahead. I believe that the way the sport is handled also contributed to the Brazilian crisis because nowadays players dont fully develope in their academies and the ones who might do end up being sold by exagerated amounts to clubs in europe. The bussiness that young players have become dont allow for true potentials to be discovered and it seems that now you only get called to the national team if you play in europe, casting the national players aside. Im not forgeting the fact that Brazil won their olympic medal in soccer during the summer but the reason that I dont mention it is because there is nothing attractive from the Brazil national team today. In fact they only won two games in regular time and the rest were decided in penalties in order to win the medal but thats none of my bussiness. The reality of it all is that Brazil will have to wait a really long time to see a COMPLETE team and for now the younger generations will  sadly view  and know Brazil as a one man team, the Neymar team.




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