The Blog entry I had planned for today was going to be another anecdote of mine with football, but the announcement of Neymar’s new deal just annoyed me and I feel like giving my point of view on the subject. It’s no secret that money moves the soccer world, especially since Real Madrid paid 87 million dollars for Cristiano Ronaldo.The amount of money paid for a single player back in 2009 would set a new standard in soccer and how transfers would be managed. The most expensive player, Gareth Bale would solidify that claim after he arrived in Madrid for 108 million. What I ask myself now is how does Neymar manage to land even a bigger contract without delivering results?

I do recall mentioning on a previous blog that Neymar is overrated and ill stand by my opinion. The only reason he gained attention its because of his dribbling skills in addition to being labeled as Ronaldo’s successor. He is Pele’s guaranteed ambassador for the return of the famous “Jogo Bonito” but in my opinion he is all showoff and zero skill. I’m not going to lie, when he made his first appearance for Brazil back in 2011 against USA even I was convinced that the Brazilian magic was secured with Neymar’s skills, but he proved me wrong.The last season he had at Santos of Brazil was pure joy for the international press. They couldn’t stop talking about him and how much he emulated Pele at his youth and his similar dribbling skills in comparison to Ronaldinho. In my opinion that was mistake number one, everyone loved him and that caused his ego to skyrocket too quick, similar to Cristiano Ronaldo’s case but at the same time different.

When it comes to contracts and millionaire contract extensions only a handful of players without a doubt deserve them. We all know that Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo have worked extremely hard to earn such contracts so there is no point for me to even get in to detailed explanation of their achievements in the last 10 years (I PREFER MESSI). They both started from the bottom and yes I know you will say that Neymar did too, but there is one big difference between them, that is the fact that he was already drafted with Real Madrid when he was younger so he gained advantage over some other big name players that made the journey to pro football. Neymar’s pro career was made even easier when he made his dream move to Barcelona for a fee that caused all kinds of legal troubles up to this day.

Everything brings us to today as Barcelona announce a four-year contract extension for Neymar. The new contract will give him 38 million dollars; an unfair amount because of how easy life at Barcelona has been for him. I know it’s not easy to be under the shadow of the best player in the world and he deserves credit for managing to stand out under him. Neymar has reached all the goals set by Barcelona, Champions League, Copa del Rey, La Liga and a Club World Cup. The titles were mainly obtained thanks to Messi, Suarez and Iniesta so his renewal was not deserved. Neymar has spend the majority of his Barcelona career on Snapchat or shooting movies so how is it that he’s going to make more money than some of the senior players of the club? He owes everything to Messi but knowing Neymar he won’t acknowledge that. In my opinion Barcelona made a mistake, it will cost them in the long run because Neymar lacks the character to be a leader and he has shown it in the national team as well as without Messi as the main man.


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