This blog entry is quick and short. I was ready to talk about Radamel Falcao’s heroic return but news from Leicester City delayed or even erased that idea. Its no secret that the Premiere League is by far the most prestigious and difficult league in football, even Pep Guardiola witnessed this first hand as current manager of Manchester city. With this being said I really don’t think Leicester City poor form should have surprised anyone, if anything it was a wake up call for “the foxes” since the usual top 4 teams did prepare for the current season with much more seriousness. I admit that Leicester city are unrecognizable at the moment, especially if you saw their championship season but regardless of the situation it was not right for Leicester’s board members to sack Ranieri. acknowledge the fact that many more high profile managers have been sacked in previous seasons and that the decision to let Ranieri go was understandable, keeping in mind that they now are in danger of relegation from the Premier League. What makes Claudio Ranieri’s case special? Its simple, he made every single football fan believe in the impossible again by beating the 5000/1 odd and introducing the world to Jamie Vardy and N’golo Kante to name a few big names.

The news of Ranieri’s sacking yesterday took me by surprise. It was no longer than two months ago since he was recognized by FIFA as manager of the year and hearing that the club made such a drastic choice is unbelievable. The current losing streak in the league doesn’t come close to the amazing job in the Champions League. They actually are capable of advancing past the round of 16 after scoring an away goal against Sevilla, leaving them with only a win away from it but with Ranieri gone the dream in Europe is practically over. The statement was issued shortly after that game, I saw the game (during class) and they showed just how good they could play but I guess self-interests from the owners are more valuable than the capability of a manager when managing a team. I remember Claudio telling everyone to live the moment because it wouldn’t happen again, we all knew that and it is sad to see Leicester losing every weekend but in my opinion it would have been best to let Claudio fight until the end regardless of the result. We will now wonder what could have been if he stayed. Would they have reached the European final? What if they managed to turn things around in the league? One thing is certain though, WE WILL ALL MISS SIR CLAUDIO. I want to finish this by saying that football has not only lost a great manager but a symbol of hope as well… thanks for everything boss you sure showed me that everything is possible.

Ps: Below Claudio Ranieri’s statement


Ranieri’s statement in full

Yesterday my dream died.

After the euphoria of last season and being crowned Premier League champions, all I dreamt of was staying with Leicester City, the club I love, for always.

Sadly this was not to be. I wish to thank my wife Rosanna and all my family for their never-ending support during my time at Leicester.

My thanks go to Paolo and Andrea, who accompanied me on this wonderful journey. To Steve Kutner [Ranieri’s agent] and Franco Granello [his Italian agent] for bringing me the opportunity to become a champion.

Mostly I have to thank Leicester City Football Club. The adventure was amazing and will live with me forever.

Thank you to all the journalists and the media who came with us and enjoyed reporting on the greatest story in football.

My heartfelt thanks to everybody at the club, all the players, the staff, everybody who was there and was part of what we achieved. But mostly to the supporters. You took me into your hearts from day one and loved me. I love you too.

No-one can ever take away what we together have achieved, and I hope you think about it and smile every day the way I always will.

It was a time of wonderfulness and happiness that I will never forget. It’s been a pleasure and an honour to be a champion with all of you.

Claudio Ranieri


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