I would have preferred to write this blog entry at the end of the week but with todays result it can’t be done. The game was practically set after the 5-1 result back in Munich a few weeks ago and everyone saw todays fixture as a practice game for the Germans, sadly for arsenal they took it way too serious. The built up ahead of tonight’s game was far from good for Arsenal, fans sold back tickets and Wenger chose the wrong moment to pick a fight with their star player. In my opinion I think that regardless of how much influence the penalty had on the game the aggregate score of 10-2 is unacceptable. The defensive mistakes after Bayern’s equalizer do not reflect the philosophy behind a top team such as Arsenal In my previous champions league blog I mentioned that Wegner had to go, today I stand by my comment because I believe that regardless of a managers past success a club like Arsenal should have been rebuilding for the future shortly after Van persie left for United. I’m starting to get off topic so let me finish off by just saying that tonight’s result was two things; humiliating for Arsenal and a mission statement for Bayern Munich, clearly a strong contender for this years “Orejona”. Goodbye for now I shall prepare for tomorrow’s epic comeback from Barcelona!



(Alexis Sanchez disbelief from the bench)


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