292 million Euros? Leave!

Ahead of what may be the most expensive transfer in modern football, this is why I think Neymar’s move to PSG is good for all the parties involved. In a world where skills and ability have become secondary thanks to big money deals, it was no surprise a player like Neymar would refuse an offer. However this saga between PSG and Barcelona has gone to a ridiculous extent, Neymar is not a priority for Barcelona and there are players with his same skill worth less trouble than the one being caused at the moment.

Neymar is said to be the upcoming star of world football. His breakthrough at his boyhood club Santos made him a “must have” player in Europe. His wish at the time was to play along Messi, shortly after they signed him and at the time it was said to be the best signing in modern football. It only took one season for him to become a part of the best-attacking trio in the sport. Along with Suarez and Messi, there was no stopping them as they conquered Europe with their deadly combinations. Despite the success, there was always an issue that involved Neymar every time it was brought up, his contract. The way Barcelona had signed him involved bonuses for Santos, they even agreed to an exhibition match that would be used to showcase Neymar in the Blaugrana uniform. Fast forward a year and the allegations of tax evasions in Brazil as well as in Spain were the beginning of legal troubles for Barcelona. What followed is an ongoing battle for missing money payments, bonuses that never took place and agreements that had were broken from Barcelona in regards to Santos. One must think that this was the end right? Well, not exactly and all it took was a bad season and a buyout clause that was said to be unplayable.

Barcelona had one of their worst seasons in recent times. The squad was in decline and the signings didn’t live up to their potential. In order to give you an idea of how bad it got for them let me just say Sergi Roberto became a legend last season. Then Messi was not enough and they practically ended empty handed so they were looking forward to the summer transfer window to rebuild themselves and make a return. They had just renewed Messi’s contract and Neymar had a 292 million euros buyout clause, everything was set to rebuild the team. However, Barcelona would go for a key PSG player, something that for me started the Neymar saga. The player involved was Marco Veratti, who asked for a transfer request as soon as Barcelona showed interest. In the end, PSG would deny his request and sign Dani Alves in order to show Veratti their ambition was starting to take shape. For many Dani Alves is the reason why Neymar took interest in PSG and the saga began.



neymar 2


Why should Neymar leave already? The answer is simple all he wants is money. The world might say that the move would suggest a chance to finally see his true potential. Barcelona would finally get rid of the legal issues regarding his signing, plus they will finally focus on the upcoming season. The commission received from PSG would help them sign other top class players if they wanted. In my opinion, Neymar is not the only player with promising skills, therefore Barcelona should stop trying to convince him to stay. The latest on this whole saga says that Barça will sue the French club if they pay the buyout fee. Why do that if you’re going to benefit from it? Hard to understand but it’s all business in the end. Honestly regardless of what happens I think that a club doesn’t depend on one player. The goal is to be successful as a team, the individual awards will pay off later. Neymar doesn’t need Barcelona so they don’t need him as well.


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