The beginning of a new era

Neymar has officially sealed his move to PSG. The man worth 222 million Euros has changed football forever, and it could be for the worst. This transfer will trigger a domino effect that will hurt the majority of European clubs. They know Barcelona is on the move for a top class replacement for the Brazilian, most of them will secure their players with an exaggerated price tag. However, this is not the only point of concern that will be analyzed in this blog. The transfer will raise questions like, who stays? Who leaves? Does Barcelona need a top replacement? Was he really worth the money? What’s next for football? Many questions and all it took was one player.

neymar 2

The French team is already filled with top players, Neymar’s arrival means someone will have to give up their place in the team. The million-dollar question right now inside the dressing room is who leaves? Javier Pastore, Jese Rodriguez, Angel Di Maria, Lucas Moura and Marco Veratti are on my list of candidates. Players like Jese and Lucas could be sold, as they haven’t really met the clubs expectations. When it comes to Di Maria and Veratti they both would be on Barcelona’s radar as a possible exchange for Neymar. However, Veratti is a key element for PSG this upcoming season so it all depends on Barcelona, bringing me to the next point.
The Blaugrana are on the market with enough money to sign a top player for their attacking line. Household name Deulofeu was recently brought back from Everton thanks to his individual performances. However, it seems like he will not be considered for the empty spot in the starting XI, simply because they need to have a profitable name along side Messi and Suarez. Names like Coutinho, Dybala, and Mbape are the top targets in Barcelona’s wish list. In my opinion, regardless of who arrives, they don’t need a top level signing, for now, all they can do is a tactical change to a 4-4-2 system to cover up the need of a third striker. This would save them the money for a more required upgrade in midfield or defense in the winter transfer window.

After being labeled the most expensive transfer in history, things look ugly for football. Before the 90 million spent by Madrid for Cristiano Ronaldo in 2009 thing were much simpler. The sport had talents like Thierry Henry, Pavel Nedved, Totti, Del Piero, Beckham, Rivaldo, Roberto Carlos or Andrea Pirlo to name a few. Many of these players managed to give the world competitive and beautiful games back in the day and no team spent 90 million on any of them. Let’s fast forward to the present and we see underrated players like Pogba, Lukaku, and Walker that are worth 60 million? It’s offensive, to be honest. Clubs like Liverpool are now joining this trend as they have placed a 100 million tag on Coutinho due to Barcelona’s interest. These players have low profiles both individually and collectively, making them unworthy of such ridiculous fees. Sadly only one thing is certain, football is no longer a game of skill. Players will now be valued in based on how marketable they are, that’s the only way the clubs will gain back profits.

pirlo 1


I said it in my last blog post and will maintain my claim; Neymar is not worth 222 million. Somehow this generation seems to look at him as the best player to ever live. He may have won everything with Barcelona and Santos, but it was all because of how much publicity previous stars gave him. Icons like Pelè, Ronaldinho, Kaka, and Ronaldo all praised him because of how skillful and promising he was. He was living up to the expectations but as soon as he joined Barcelona it was all about commercial Deals, Instagram, and parties with friends. With players like Messi and Iniesta to make things easier for him, of course, he felt he needed “new challenges” in his career. However, his decision to join Barcelona will either destroy or solidify his legacy. The ambition to be the leader could see him become the symbol that PSG needed to achieve European glory. If he fails the world will see that his intentions were all driven by money, only time will tell what he becomes. In the end, Neymar is responsible for his destiny and regardless of what the outcome is I’ll never see him as the best. I had the privilege to see players Like Cristiano, Messi, Totti, Pirlo, Ronaldo, and Ronaldinho and for me, they are the real top players with Pele and Maradona as the gods of the sport.



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  1. Brilliant article, you put into words how I’ve felt about this deal all along. The market will inflate exponentially now, and securing established talents will be tougher than ever for non-elite clubs.
    (Also, I believe you meant to type overrated, instead of underrated. My apologies if I’m mistaken, but I thought I should point it out)

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