Infinity Iniesta

I usually try to think things trough whenever I decide to write a Blog entry. I’m usually the one who criticizes those who write things out without thinking, but I guess this time I’ll get to be one of those carefree writers…

Andres Iniesta has waved goodbye to Barcelona in a bittersweet way if we consider what he has achieved as a player. In all honesty, I considered him average in comparison to others that played beside him. However, I want to thank Guardiola for making him the genius and key player he turned out to be. Without a doubt he displayed brilliant skill and control like no other player in these last couple of years. What about Hazard or De Bruyne? Yea they are brilliant, but in comparison to Iniesta they fall short and if you still disagree with me you might either be too young or probably just started watching soccer. Having said that, it’s time for me to pour my heart out because this is what it’s all about.

Barcelona have achieved another great trophy to their cabinet earlier today. They all worked as a team and put on what I think was one of their best games of the season. A 5-0 win against Sevilla was unthinkable given the inconsistency the team displayed in recent weeks. In the end I think they were aware that they had a special motivation to win. The symbol of the club was playing his last final as a member, so they had to give him a proper send off.Despite this, Iniesta took matters into his own hands and stole the show all on his own. Watching him dance with the ball in midfield without a care in the world signaled the inevitable, his decision to leave was unchanged. His destination? China, why go so far ? I don’t know. What I do know is that his display tonight proved that he still has one more season left at the top level. There’s no other like him, you can surround him with 5 players and he wouldn’t even stress about it. You want to win back to back international championships? Leave it to him to destroy Pirlo’s Italy to achieve that back in 2012. What about a World Championship? Let him survive tackles and keep his composure for 90 minuets and he will score the winning goal in the final minutes of the game. Let’s not forget that if you’re ever stuck without any chance of winning against Chelsea in Stanford Bridge, Iniesta can save the day with a shot from outside the box. Keep in mind that these are only one of the many many more reasons why his playing style will be missed. But if you look for the strongest reason of all, it has to be his loyalty. He is a homegrown player to the core, something that has been forgotten in modern football.

His loyalty not only helped him become the legend he is, it helped him signal the before and the after in the history of the sport. Not many manage to leave such a mark, luckily for him it’s something that nobody will question him for… loved by many and hated by none. I salute you Andres Iniesta….


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