The wait is over!

After 4 years of build up and a few heartbreaks, the long-awaited moment is finally here. Saudi Arabia and Russia will kick off the most important and televised event in the world, regardless of how unappealing the game is being portrayed. What to expect? I would say it’s going to be a very even tournament, but regardless I have a few predictions of my own. Given the recent events that have taken place around the majority of the 32 teams this is how I see the tournament evolving, no I won’t give a complete breakdown just to keep you interested at least for a little bit.
My top picks for the tournament are Uruguay, Colombia, Germany, France, Belgium, Spain, and Argentina. In addition, I will be rooting closely for Nigeria, Egypt, Panama, Peru, England, Iceland, Panama, Costa Rica and Portugal. I may have forgotten a few teams but be well aware that Mexico and Brazil are totally out of my list of consideration unless Mexico gets to eliminate Brazil in the later stages of the tournament. Why I’m I against Brazil you may ask and honestly its simple, Neymar Junior has made me fall out of love for the once great team that saw Adriano, Kakà, Ronaldinho and Pelè wear the yellow shirt. Everything seems to be revolving around him and its completely discrediting players like Firminho, Coutinho or Marcelo. In my opinion, Brazil is more than just Neymar and until they don’t figure that out I will not support them. In Mexico’s case its all about the inconsistency they’ve had this whole process, they don’t have a clear picture as to their style of play and that spells FAILURE.

wc 2018
In terms of key players I would say that aside from the two usual beasts, the tournament might see some interesting prospects make a statement. In that list names like Salah, Rashford, Kane, Mbapee, Guerrero, Griezmann, Lukaku, Lozano, Dybala, Falcao, James and Iceland. It could be too soon to predict names and strong candidates but every single football fan is doing this as I speak. I would like to conclude this post by weighing in on the Messi vs. CR battle since this could be the last time they both have a shot at the title. Taking into consideration that both teams are dependent on these two superstars it has to come down to the momentum the two national teams arrive with to the tournament. Argentina arrives in bad shape after nearly missing out on the tournament in the qualifying stages. Having gone through 3 coaches in three years It was Messi who saved the team in the important games, sadly the situation hasn’t changed and if you see the level of the other national teams I wouldn’t be surprised if they see an early exit from the tournament. When it comes to Portugal they are always unpredictable so it all depends on how well organized they are as a team if they want to make it far in this world cup. In the end, I have more hope for Portugal than Argentina, inconsistency has diminished any high chances for them, however, anything can happen and I just hope the tournament can live up to expectations.


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