A World Cup worth the wait

  This World Cup was memorable in every way possible. The tournament that destroyed brackets and even made it impossible to make predictions gave us a final game that had an unfair result. France and Croatia faced each other as the two best teams of the tournament, Mbapee, and Pogba against Modric +10. The French... Continue Reading →

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Not worth the risk

I’m not sure if by the time I post this the move either goes through or not, however, it’s time for me to speak out on the situation. Yes, I write this as a Barcelona fan, but this should speak out to anyone that follows the sport and values the integrity that an organization (Team)... Continue Reading →

Winds of change in Europe

The Champions League usually tends to showcase a team’s momentum during each season. The outcome is always positive for the big teams since they possess the best squads and they turn to this competition whenever things are not going their way domestically. This season, however, things have been a bit different in that aspect for... Continue Reading →

Villa Forever

The idea of having a player like David Villa join a newly founded MLS club seemed illogical 5 years ago. When it finally happened many thought that he was only here to get a few commercial deals and call it a day. He had enough credentials to his name that alone was enough to let... Continue Reading →

An unfortunate beginning

Cristiano Ronaldo’s Champions League day view with Juventus had an unexpected start. He had already struggled to score in Serie A, and having the profile he holds in the sports nothing goes unnoticed. This time he took the spotlight for something that had nothing to do with a free kick, skill move or a Puskas... Continue Reading →

El debáte llega a su fín?

Esta Copa del Mundo valió la pena, después de todo, ha estado llena de sorpresas inesperadas. Sin embargo, el debate que tuvo que resolverse este año fue si Cristiano Ronaldo o Messi obtendrían el título de "El mejor de todos los tiempos". Ambos llegaron al torneo como favoritos ya que llevaron a sus equipos nacionales a la gloria,... Continue Reading →

Teamwork settles the debate

This World Cup was worth the wait, after all, it has been full of unexpected surprises. However, the debate that had to be settled this year was if either Cristiano Ronaldo or Messi would obtain the “G.O.A.T.” title. They both arrived in the tournament as favorites since they carried their national teams to glory, sadly... Continue Reading →

The wait is over!

After 4 years of build up and a few heartbreaks, the long-awaited moment is finally here. Saudi Arabia and Russia will kick off the most important and televised event in the world, regardless of how unappealing the game is being portrayed. What to expect? I would say it’s going to be a very even tournament,... Continue Reading →

Gracias Iniesta

El adiós de Iniesta era inevitable después de la inesperada caída ante la Roma en Champions. A pesar de eso muchos, incluso yo pensaba que se retractaría en su decisión de marcharse a China. Después de todo, se sabe que le queda unos cuantos altos mas en la élite del fútbol. Lamentablemente la final de... Continue Reading →

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